Jan 14, 2017 Email from a fan

Dear Mr. Massie,

I would like to thank you very much for your beautiful concert you performed in the time of Advent in Knox Church. The performance was beautiful, the acoustics were perfect the location was gorgeous. 

You shared during the ovations your story from the past: once somebody asked you if you could sing for them the Little Drummer Boy. Even though I like that carol too I understand why you mentioned this story and I hope you will not think the same of this suggestion. 

After the concert I came home and started nostalgically to search  on YouTube for carols from my old country. I think the most known classical Czech carol is “Česká mše vánoční” (Czech Christmas mass) by Jakub Jan Ryba. As I search the web, there was one project which caught my eye. This is the link to it https://youtu.be/_YY-NJwb6Z8. Even though this project is a project of two countries, there was no interpreter for the introduction.  Please, let me give you quick translation of it. In 2007 volunteers of English parliament sang this carol during the time of Advent. In 2010 the director of the children’s chorus put together volunteer singers of Czech parliament, English volunteers singers from their parliament  and members of his ensemble  and they sang this carol together in the cathedral of St. Vitus, which is within the Prague Castle. What a beautiful idea. The motto of the speech of the cardinal was: “music unites people.”

I wish you many more concerts as this one in the future. 


Bela Dedek

August 14, 2013  Kind words from Curtis Perry
"I personally know their director, Pierre Massie, is incredibly talented as a musician and compassionate as a human being, as I have witnessed as a former volunteer for the high school he teaches at. He sings and leads in the Tenor section, and composes and arranges with notable beauty and originality."

Excerpt from Singly Noted Blog -- full article HERE 

September 28, 2012      Email from a brand-new fan :)

"Holly , I listened yesterday to Audite Nova, what a fantastic repertoire, French, Italian, Spanish, English, German!  Incidentally on you tube I fell on a pocket of madrigals composed by Spanish colony people living in New Spain and New Grenada (Mexico Colombia) from the XVII and XVIII century. Amazing there are it seems hundreds of these unknown treasures. Thank you for creating such beauty along the years without giving up to fashion, and facility."



December 11, 2007  Sir David Willcocks
"Thank you for your kind letter of greeting from the Stairwell Carollers, and for notifying me of the fact that Pierre Massie will be celebrating his 30 years of Direction of the Stairwell Carollers this year.  I know of the great success that the Stairwell Carollers have enjoyed under his direction, so I hope you will be able to associate his name with my very warm greetings to all members of the Stairwell Carollers for this Christmas, and for many future years."  

Yours Sincerely,
David Willcocks

JANUARY 6th 1998  John Rutter
Dear Mr. Massie
Thank you so much for sending me your new CD - lovely! I am delighted you included some of my music on it, especially "There is A Flower". The performances are all delightful, and I wish you every success with sales.
Best Wishes!

John Rutter


From Twitter
Rosemary OShaughnesy
many thanks for sharing the music , I enjoyed it after an early morning flight to meet a colleague. Take care 

wonderful story! CHOIR HOW-TO -- Costume -- Part Five: Cloaks are all the Vogue 

@ john osalvo
excellent cause send any vid you'd like tweeted smiles look for your tweets and followback

here is choir with beautiful control and dynamics!  

Jean-Pierre Dubois-G 
You had me at madrigal...


January 31, 2011  Harvest House
"Thank you very much for your generous donation to Harvest House.  Your organization's gift of $2000.00 will have an immediate impact on the programs at Harvest House as it is organizations like yours that help make a difference in the lives of the young men living at Harvest House."

Nicole Plaschy MBA, CFARE 
Executive Director 
Harvest House Ministries


Dec 10, 2010   St. Paul's Eastern United Church

Thanks to you and the Carollers for a wonderful concert to welcome the snow in Dec., as usual. The silence during your singing and the rapt looks on all 250 faces told the whole story. It was magical!

Oh, and we took in over $2000., leaving a shade under $1500 for our charities, so everyone benefitted! Have a great concert next weekend, and a relaxing Christmas following that.

Thanks again
Dianne Clipsham 


June 7th, 2010  Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County
"Please accept our sincere thanks for the very generous gift of $2000.00 recently presented to the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County.  We very much appreciate your organization's decision to make the Alzheimer Society the recipient  of proceeds from your choir's performance."
Susan Paul, manager of fund development


June 16, 2010  Shepherds of Good Hope
"They say that "music soothes the soul".  We are grateful for your gift of music and for your recent donation of $2000.00.  No doubt, your music has brought comfort and joy to those who attended your recent concerts. 
 As you know each life is precious and yet not everyone can be blessed with the comforts of home and good health.  Your contribution will assist us in serving those who are currently cared for in our programs and those many less fortunate to come to our doors daily in need of assistance."

Respectfully yours, 
Paul Souci executive director 
Sheila Burnett executive director 
Shepherds of Good Hope


 June 1, 2010  Jesse Laflamme
A review, en francais, of our concert at Fasset,Quebec, June 12, 2010


October 15, 2007  University of Ottawa
On behalf of the Homecoming 2007 Organizing Committee, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the Stairwell Carollers for your participation at the Homecoming High Tea on September 27.  
The presence of the Stairwell Carollers, your beautiful voices and selection of songs presented, combined to create a very special ambiance for this year's celebration.  Please pass along my appreciation to all those who joined you for this event."  

Anne-Marie Fontaine 
Homecoming Coordinator 
University of Ottawa


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