Saturday, February 24, 2018

Help us help others... Subscribe to Stairwell Carollers on Youtube

Stairwell Carollers Youtube channel - subscribe now - help us help others!

We need 1,000 subscribers to REGAIN our monetization Status (yes, Youtube revoked it) here is their explanation - clearly they have no idea what a hassle and disservice they have done to niche and/or charitable channels.

We have been lumped in with so-called "bad actors" via a new algorithm. 

Weirdly, this threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing would in no way  eliminate channels which have gone viral due to violent, pornographic or negative content. It also would have no effect on channels which steal most of their content from popular copyrighted sources.

Please subscribe NOW!

We are still in the Partnership program and currently at 944 - this is working -- keep telling friends to subscribe. No need to even listen to us (but if you do, I warn you -- you might enjoy our music!) and no emails or newsletters unless YOU choose to sign up.

We promise!

Our monetized videos contribute to our charitable funding, but this has now been taken away. They promise to reinstate the monetization once we reach 1000 subscribers (only 56 more needed) but guess what! They fail to mention that MANY of our videos were co-monetized with the celebrity COMPOSERS of the music! Those connections are all GONE, and there is no promise that it was cached or can be regained.

Another worry is that now our videos are open to the "bad actors" to be CLAIMED ILLEGALLY and monetized to benefit them. In the past when this happened Youtube was slow to correct the situation, demanding paperwork on OUR PART to prove our ownership -- even for Pierre's original works!

I am so mad about this. And it all just proves to me the dangers of using algorithms for decision like this. If they just hired some real people to troll Youtube and flag the "bad actors" we would all be serviced in a fairer manner.

All money made by the channel goes to supporting The Stairwell Carollers mandate - excellent music and charitable giving - all volunteers, all the time.

Tell your friends to subscribe too. Thanks!

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